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We provide exceptional Real Estate services to buyers, Investors, sellers and Landlords in Georgia. We have a Huge network of 600+  Clients and Continuing to increase, who rely on us for their needs in the Real Estate, whether it be Buying another home, Purchasing a rental home, Investment, Land or selling their home. So, We want to expand our team to cater to our customer needs. We want our team to be well trained and get opportunities to work with our leads and have a prosperous career.

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Low brokerage Fees, We Provide Leads, Training, Business Coaching, Support etc.


Flat Fee Brokerage Fee, Buyer Leads/Seller Leads, Full Time with Bonus Commission, Agents Bonus Program.

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We have a dedication to providing great customer service as part of our business.


We provide exceptional benefits to our team of agents from offering a low brokerage fee structure to empowering them with more business opportunities by providing leads to work with. Our Agents can use our office Facility to meet their clients and use our administrative staff support for additional fee to prepare offers, Marketing Materials, Arrange Open Houses etc.

We also manage a Multi Million Dollar portfolio of Real Estate across Georgia that we need help from our team, which gives a good opportunity to learn hands-on Investment Properties and Rental Management.


Flat Fee Brokerage Fee:

When you join the company as a new Licensee, On your first sale a 20% of commission earned or 1000, for the second Sale 15% of commission or 750, for the third,4th,5th sale 10% of commission or 500 whichever is maximum is paid to company, remaining is paid to agent. After the Fifth Sale, your commission plan is a 100% commission plan and the agent only needs to pay $300 per transaction fee per sale and $150 lease listing.

Buyer Leads/Seller Leads:

When we provide a lead, the Commission will be split with the Agent will be 70-30% of the Net Commission Received by the Company after deducting the FMLS Fees and any rebates paid to the Buyer.

Full Time with Bonus Commission:
We offer full time agent roles with an hourly rate for eligible agents for dedicated tasks and we pay a commission on the transactions closed by them.
Agents Bonus Program:
When agents refer an Agent and who joins the company will get a Bonus Commission of $50 for every transaction the referred agent closes.
Team Fees
We Allow agents to form their teams with prior approval of the Broker. The Broker Fee for the Closed Transaction is $600.
Broker Co-Op:
If you want to work on the leads the company provides and needs to co-operate with the Brokerage staff and need the broker help for showings and paperwork and any other help, the commission will be split 50% after deducting the FMLS Fee and any rebates given to the clients.
Contact us to get more details and the agreement to join us.

FMLS Fees: FMLS fees are collected for all the properties which are Listed, it’s a .12% of the Purchase Price.

Errors & Ommissions Fee: All Agents Pay an O&E Fee of $30 if the Commission Check is below $5000 and $50 if the Commission Check is above $5000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Company can provide leads under a different agreement if you are interested to work with company leads. Please discuss with our admin on the process and the agreement.
Yes, We provide on job training and Transactional support from the company. For any training to get the CE Credits, we encourage agents to attend as many free online CE Classes.
Yes, you can bring your other agent friends or partners to join with you and form a team. We also offer to assign any new licensees to join your team.

Yes, Broker support will be provided when needed. Discuss your specific issue with Broker.Additional fees may be charged based on the level of support needed.

Yes, For the Agents who are working Independently and a Flat Fee Structure. The Max Fee for a Year is Capped at $6000 for an individual.

Yes, we can provide marketing materials and administrative support for an additional fee. We also provide an Open House Staging Materials for a fee. Discuss your specific requirements with the Broker.

Yes, All Pending Sales with our company will be paid even after you transfer to another Brokerage.

Yes, if you have 50% or more ownership in a business you can get paid on the business. You can jointly use our company name and your business in the marketing materials.

Yes, we can provide training and support for commercial or Investment deals. Our Broker Fees for commercial are different from residential. Discuss with the Broker for your specific requirements.

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