How it works

                                                    Investment Decisions can’t be made Alone, Join together with a Team Who has done Multiple Investments

Identifying a Deal
We will identify a great investment deal with low risk and High returns and with either stable income or higher appreciation potential.It could be a Land, Commercial Strip Mall, Medical Offices or Multi Family Residential etc.
Acquire the Property
We acquire the property with our credibility and connections with the other Real Estate Professionals. We try to negotiate a best deal and Terms suitable for us and avoids any potential risks.
Due Diligence
We will do all the required due diligence to verify any faults, risks or Hidden Costs, tenant stability, Rent History, Costs to manage the property, Zoning Conditions, Value Add, appreciation potential, resellability, etc.
Adding the Investors
We'll carefully select the investors to be included in each invest opportunity based on their credibility, their capital investment, Risk Appetite, Past Investment History, Attitude etc
Committing the Funds
We will take a token Commitment Fund of 2% of Investment from each interested Investors to participate in the Investment. We will spend from this fund to do any due diligence, Inspection, Consultations etc.
Closing the deal
Once the Majority of the Investors agree to proceed with the Investment, we will collect the Remaining Funds required and obtain any financial support from lenders and Close the Deal.

Disclaimer: If for any reason we don’t proceed with the Investment, we deduct the expenses incurred and refund any left over fund to the Investors proportionate to their committed fund.

Invest Along with an Experienced Investor

We have experience in Multiple Types of Investments like Land, Single Family Residential, Townhomes, Office Condos, Retail Strips, Farmhouses etc. We understand the risks and riwards in each type of Investment and where to invest under different circumstances.

Do you need a Real Estate Investment Advisor

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