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Why Do I Need an Agent to Buy My Home???                                          Buyers have lot to gain and nothing to lose by having an agent represent them in the purchase of the properties. Because, buyers don’t have to pay a penny to have the agent help them in choosing the right property. Most sellers pay the commission to the agents who represent the buyer in a transaction. There are lots of advantages to having an agent, they provide all the information about various properties on the market, they will help you negotiate the right deal, and advise you to make the right decision for your Lifetime investment. Also, for our customers we offer rebates to help you with selecting additional upgrades and cover closing costs from the commission we receive. Also, sometimes agents have more negotiating power to get a better price or upgrades.

So, If you are planning to buy. Give Us a Call; we will answer all your questions or concerns. No Obligations at all.

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Our Packages

Buyer Representation

  • Starts at 1.25% Commission on the purchase price of the property, Based on the number of showings and additional efforts.
  • Identifying and showing the suitable properties as per the requirements
  • Providing Comparables and Providing the Opinion of the value of the property
  • Preparing the Offers and Negotiating the price, Incentives, Personal items, Closing Costs etc
  • If Buyer Purchases a new home after multiple showings, commission will be reduced to 1% plus applicable FMLS fees and Taxes
  • If new home we help with design option selections, Inspections, Lender selection, Loan processing Help, Closing Help etc

New Home purchases

(Transaction Broker)
  • Excludes Investment Purchases. Our Charges Varies based on the Opportunity.
  • Flat Commission will be charged to new home purchases where purchaser identified a new home community and finalized on the home, he/she wants to purchase. Buyer needs our representation just verify the contract, provide allowed rebates.
  • Remaining Commission will be applied towards upgrades, Options and closing costs as legally allowed by the Builders, Lenders, Closing Attorneys etc.
  • Additional fee of .12% Of Purchase Price will be charged if the home is listed on FMLS and any applicable Taxes on the unused Contribution.
  • Please send an email (Buyer Name, Property Address, Contract Signed Date) to to get the rebate letter. Please make sure to submit this letter to lender.
  • Additional services like advising on the communities, Lot selections, showings, negotiations, Design Option Selections, Lender selection, Loan processing Help, closing etc will be charged extra.
  • If we provide details of the communities and advise on a community, Model etc Additional fees will be charged. If we do multiple tours of resales homes before finalizing the new home, our commission will be 1% of the final purchase price.

Prepare Offers /Contract /Agreements

  • Buyer to find the property to be purchased and Negotiated a price and wants our help preparing an offer or Contract
  • Flat Commission on Resale Homes purchase agreements.
  • Remaining Commission will be applied towards closing costs as allowed by the Lenders, Closing Attorneys. Unused amounts will be taxed.
  • All the contract paper work, Amendments until Closing.
  • If the property purchased is more than 300K, An additional charge of .0012% of purchase price will be added to the fees.
  • Only One time showing included and Additional showings will be charged extra.
  • Each Offer for additional home will be charged $500 more.

Buyer Representation Form


I _______________________________ is authorizing Vijay Garlapati of  GVR Realty LLC as my Buyer Representative to contact you in regards to the purchase of a new construction residential property in the Community _______________________ Located in City _______________________ and County ___________, State ____________

in negotiating price, terms of the purchase and will be solely entitled to earn the selling broker commission, whenever we close on the property in this community. This Authorization is specifically for this community and GVR Realty Will Rebate a __% of their commission towards the Closing Costs as allowed by the builder and lender.

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